Armstrong Air Provides Offers Exceptional Heating and Cooling Products in Mansfield, Ohio

Armstrong Air designs their equipment to strict quality and performance standards, a commitment that customers see in every piece of equipment that bears the Armstrong name. Using innovative designs and high-quality materials, Armstrong Air gives their all to make sure their clients get the best available heating and air conditioning equipment.

Comfort Sync

The most advanced thermostat offered by Armstrong Air is the Wi-Fi enabled Comfort Sync. An easy-to-use touchscreen interface makes controlling room temperature easy. The device can also allow the user to change settings that affect energy efficiency. To top it off, the Comfort Sync provides live weather forecasting. A Web interface for the Comfort Sync makes it globally accessible from the user’s smartphone, computer or another device that can access the Web.

EHX™ Technology

Armstrong Air offers a furnace with a heat exchanger powered by EHX Technology. Armstrong uses these units because they provide superior, long-lasting performance, compared to other available heat exchangers. In fact, every new model of heat exchanger produced by Armstrong Air performs better than the preceding model.

Crimps, not welds hold EHX Technology heat exchangers together, making them less susceptible to the pressures that come with heat and metal fatigue. Armstrong Air designs these heat exchangers with a unique shape that improves the flow of air and the transfer of heat. Better heat transfer means more efficiency, providing warmer air where it counts.

Armstrong Heating

Quiet Combustion™

High-quality burners provide yet another reason Armstrong Air furnaces work so well. Unlike burners in other furnaces, the Quiet Combustion burner units used by Armstrong Air feature more jets and deeper fuel channels, making them silent and efficient.

MHT™ Technology

Air conditioners offered by Armstrong air use an exclusive system to transfer heat, making their air conditioners more efficient and reliable than other brands. Additionally, specially designed coils, tubes and shrouds consistently deliver cooler air.

Quiet Shift™ Technology

An Armstrong Air innovation, dubbed Quiet Shift, lets their heat pumps switch into defrost mode, without much noise. Quiet Shift works by allowing the equalization of the coolant before switching modes. Because these heat pumps can operate without encumbrance during the winter, customers enjoy energy-efficient warmth all season.