Plumbing Maintenance Tips from H & H for Mansfield, Ohio.

Plumbing is an important part of a person’s daily life. Individuals rely on their plumbing systems for everything from showering in the morning to cooking dinner at night. While plumbing systems have definitely evolved over the years, individuals still need to employ routine maintenance on it. Check out some plumbing maintenance tips for Mansfield, Ohio below:

Be Alert to Signs of Trouble

When it comes to plumbing, any little issue can lead to something much bigger down the road if it’s not treated and squashed early on. This is why a homeowner must be on the lookout for any signs of plumbing failures. This includes leaking faucets, wet cabinets and dripping refrigerators.

Turn to Right Places When Trouble Occurs

When a plumbing failure occurs, it is crucial that the homeowner knows how to react. For instance, if a flood starts forming on the floor, the homeowner must know where the main shut-off valve is for the whole home’s water supply. If this valve is in a dark or hard to reach spot, make sure that any tools that will help shut this off even quicker is left nearby.

Turn Off Appliances

Besides knowing where the valve that is connected to the home’s water supply is located, homeowners must also know how to shut off appliances. This includes the water that is tied to units like toilets, washing machines and sinks. If these systems start malfunctioning, though, turning off the shut-off valve will also do the trick.

Be Proactive and Stop Pipes From Freezing

Homeowners should always attempt to prevent frozen pipes before they start. The best way to do this is to insulate any exposed pipes that are found in the garage, a crawl space or anywhere else that is faced with below freezing temperatures. These pipes should be insulated with a peel and stick solution made of plastic. Similar to this, before winter hits, any exterior hoses should be removed and insulating caps should be placed on outdoor fixtures.

Do Not Worry If Pipes Freeze Up

If any of the homeowner’s pipes do freeze up, they should not panic. First, the homeowner must turn off the water supply to the house. From there, a faucet located near the blocked area should be opened so that vapors coming from the frozen water are vented. Any frozen pipes should then be warmed up using a hair dryer, beginning at the end of the pipe to the part closest to the tap. Once water trickles out from the open faucet that is a sign the pipe is thawing out.