Furnace and Heating Maintenance Addresses These Important Components and More:

Motors and moving parts
Safety controls
Electrical and fuel connections
Ignition system

Why Should I Schedule Maintenance for My Heating System?

Heating System Maintenance

HVAC engineers, who design heating equipment, advise in operations and maintenance manuals that heating systems need regularly scheduled maintenance. Today’s heating systems are more complex. This makes it doubly important to schedule maintenance annually.

The Importance of Maintenance

Dust can build up inside the internal chambers of the heating systems over the length of a single season. Other parts of the heating system experience wear depending on the volume of use of the system. By keeping the blower, motor and internal chambers of a heating system well maintained from one season to the next, the system operates a nearly 100% efficiency. This makes the heating system more durable and reliable. These are two important reasons for regularly scheduled heating system maintenance.

How Regular Maintenance Reduces Repairs

Whenever a heating system is kept in tip-top condition, potential problems are avoided. A professional HVAC expert will inspect all parts of the heating system and advise you on its condition. Very often, a regular inspection that includes multiple inspection points can detect a problem before it occurs.

These Inspection Points May Include:

  • Blower
  • Valves
  • Coils
  • Filters

All of these points help reduce repairs. Discuss a regularly scheduled maintenance program with a licensed HVAC specialist. This can be done before the system is in operation at the start of the cold season or at the end of that season. Avoid the inconvenience of an unpredictable repair and related expense. There’s a certain sense of security knowing a heating system will operate efficiency and reliably throughout the cold season. It’s one worry that is easily avoided.

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