What are the Most Common Services of a Light Commercial Plumbing Contractor?

A small business owner may have needed the services of a commercial plumber. Many business owners don’t understand the importance of calling a commercial plumber when a problem arises. Learn about the many services a commercial plumber can provide and the importance of hiring a commercial plumber for your business.

Why Hire a Commercial Plumber over a Residential Plumber

Most business owners realize that their businesses require a more complex plumbing system than their homes. Businesses generally have plumbing designed for both their use and the public’s use. Commercial plumbers generally install the plumbing and have the knowledge to properly maintain it or repair if need be.

In addition, each state has its own laws and regulations that must be met in commercial buildings and this includes plumbing. Commercial plumbers are aware of the regulations that must be followed to ensure the plumbing is state compliant.

Most Common Services of a Commercial Plumber

When people think of plumbers, what often comes to mind are clogged sinks, plugged toilets or leaky faucets. However, commercial plumbers provide many more services than just those three things. Although they are called for these minor, or not so minor, issues, they are also called upon for major problems and maintenance. Here are some of the most common services provided by commercial plumbers.

• Clogged drains
• Leaking pipes or leak detection
• Hot water heater repair and/or replacement and hot water service
• Back flow testing
• Water jetting to clean septic lines and systems
• Boiler repair, service and maintenance
• Sewer and water line repair or replacement
• Annual maintenance or service check
• Plumbing upgrades

In addition to the above services, which generally involve repair or replacement of defective plumbing components, commercial plumbers are also the certified professionals called to install all components of a plumbing system at the start up of a business.

Depending on the service agreement between the business owner and the plumbing company, the commercial plumber may also come in and provide the business with safety and hygiene suggestions and solutions; odor control and restroom disinfection and grease-trap preventative maintenance.

Because of their experience and knowledge of commercial plumbing and the laws, commercial plumbers can advise business owners as to what they need in terms of plumbing and how to ensure their plumbing system provides them with the best service for the longest period of time.


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