Indoor Air Quality in Mansfield, Ohio

Homeowners and apartment dwellers sometimes get the impression that the air in their homes is clean just because their windows and doors somewhat shield them from the outside elements. While it is true that a home protects a person from smog and other outside pollutants, it is also true that private dwellings can have a completely different set of harmful elements. In fact, the air inside one’s home can be even more dangerous than the outside air is because of the lack of appropriate ventilation.

Harmful Indoor Air Chemicals

A dwelling can have quite a few harmful chemicals in the air without the owners or tenants knowing that they are in the air. Carbon monoxide is a quiet and deadly substance that forms from cigarette and cigar smoke, gas-fueled appliances, generators, kerosene heaters and the like. Asbestos is a carcinogen that some older houses carry in the walls and ceilings. Radon is a toxic gas that can sneak in through furnaces and floor gaps. Houses can have harmful substances such as mold, mildew, lead, formaldehyde and more. An indoor air quality test is imperative for resident safety.

Signs That the Indoor Air Quality May Be Poor

Residents may receive a warning through symptoms and senses that the air quality is not good inside the home. Some people may notice a musty or stuffy smell inside the home at all times. The air could seem as if it is humid in the home most of the time. Residents may notice dirt accumulating around the vents or on the walls in some rooms. Additionally, unexplained illnesses could arise. An affected person may get frequent headaches or nausea. A person may fall ill at home more than he may or she does at work and in the public. Additionally, the air may simply not circulate well in the home.

What to Do About Poor Air Quality

You can take certain steps to improve the quality of the air in the home. One step you can take is opening the windows or doors for periodic ventilation. Homeowners can invest in an air cleaning system, as well. An air cleaning system can help to keep everyone in the household healthy and avoid respiratory illnesses. The first step is to contact H & H Plumbing Heating Cooling in Mansfield, Ohio and get a free consultation on how easy and affordable it is to improve the air quality inside your home.