Furnace Repair in Mansfield and Ashland, Ohio

When the weather is wet or cold outside, there is nothing nicer than having a good furnace to warm your entire home. However, it can get uncomfortable extremely quickly when your furnace decides not to perform correctly. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to try and improve the problem when your furnace isn’t heating properly.

Not Enough Heat

This problem is often a result of a dirty air filter. Pet hair, dust and various other debris build up on the air filter and block the warm air from flowing freely. It is important to change your air filter at least every three months. Those with pets will want to change it even more often, and you may want to purchase one of the better air filters that is designed specifically for pet hair.

Uneven Heating

It can be confusing and uncomfortable when you are warm and toasty in one room of your home, but you find yourself shivering when you walk into another room. When this occurs, you should suspect a problem with your air ducts. In some cases, a zone system can be installed to give you multi room temperature control with multiple thermostats throughout the house.

No Heat

It can be a moment of panic when you realize your furnace is not putting out any heat at all, but there are several things you can check before you call for help. You should first check the batteries in your thermostat, and then set it five degrees above the current home temperature to see if it will kick on. If that doesn’t work, check your fuse box to make certain the circuit breaker has not been tripped or a fuse doesn’t need replaced.

These are all things you can try in order to get your furnace up and running appropriately once again. However, if something simple does not fix the problem, you should not hesitate to contact a professional right away. Many problems can be minor and easily fixed, but may become worse if left alone and may lead to the furnace requiring complete replacement.

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