Should I Get a Heat Pump in My Home in Mansfield, Ohio?

It can get quite cold in in Mansfield, OH, so any homeowner will question whether or not they need a heat pump to keep their house warm no matter the weather. There are various heating systems available to consider, such as electric furnaces, gas furnaces, baseboard heat, and heat pumps. For the most part, the heat pump is one of the most efficient of these choices, but only if it is used correctly. So, before a buyer makes a decision for their own home, they should get a better idea of how a heat pump works and what their home actually needs.

Understanding the Heat Pump

Unlike traditional gas furnaces found throughout Mansfield, OH, the heat pump doesn’t use fuel. Instead, it extracts heat from the air and ground outside, which is possible even when it’s very cold. These units do include a back up heating system that will kick in if the temperature is too cold outside, and while this back up system isn’t as efficient, it can ensure a warm home no matter what.

Understanding Climate Control Needs

Any homeowner who is upgrading their climate control system or adding one to a house will need to determine their own needs before making a decision.

Will the home need cooling? A heat pump does remove hot air from a home during the summer for cooling purposes, but it can be pricey when it comes to the electric bill.

Would the home be better off with gas? If the property already had a gas furnace, then it is important to note that electricity bills will go up with heat pumps.

Does the weather stay below 0 degrees for days at a time? When living in a colder climate like Ohio, this is important to note. When the temperature stays very cold, then the back up system will run almost constantly, which can be a drain on the electric bill.

Does the home have duct work? If not, then a traditional heat pump system will be more expensive and a ductless heating system would be the better option.

A ground source heat pump may be the best option for cold Ohio winters, but it will have a higher upfront cost.

While many assume a heat pump is the most energy efficient option for climate control, it can actually be more expensive if not handled properly. One way to help resolve this is to spend more money on insulating and draft proofing the property so that the heat pump can work the most efficiently possible.

Rebates Available

For anyone who does determine a heat pump would be the best option for their home, there are rebates available for upgrading energy efficiency and installing ductless heat pumps. These rebates are available for upgrading insulation, draft proofing, and installing the climate control systems themselves.

There are definite advantages to installing a heat pump in a home, but only if the unit is used properly. Before determining if this is the best option for any property, please contact the professionals at H & H today to see if a heat pump is a good fit for your home.