What are the Benefits of Installing a Geothermal Heating System in Mansfield Ohio?

The constancy of the ground temperature is the main reason why a geothermal heating system is so efficient. Unlike a heat pump that relies on air, the geothermal system doesn’t have to work hard to add and subtract heat. This can save a homeowner as much as 70 percent on his or her energy bill. It’s also environmentally friendly because it doesn’t spill as many greenhouse gases into the air. Home and business owners may also be eligible for tax credits if the system conforms to Energy Star requirements.

What Is A Geothermal Heating System?

A geothermal heating system uses the heat in the earth to both heat and cool a house. These systems are admittedly pricey to install, but over time they pay for themselves. The geothermal system works on the same principles as a regular heat pump, but it draws heat from pipes buried in the ground.

The secret to geothermal heating systems is that no matter how warm or cold the outside air is, after a certain depth the temperature of the ground remains at around 50 degrees F.

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